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Think Twice Before You Act - Bed Time Inspirational Story For Kids - Universal Linkz

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Think Twice Before You Act - Bed Time Inspirational Story For Kids

Hi friends! I am once back with an Inspirational Story for Kids. This is a Short Story For Kids. These kinds of bedtime short stories for your child are narrated by our grandparents at bedtime so these are known as bedtime children stories. Today’s Top story is A Wilful Person Ever Suffers. I hope you like this Child story a lot.

Think Twice Before You Act - Bed Time Story For Kids

Once upon a time there lived two frogs in a marsh. They were very happy with their lot there.


Think Twice Before You Act - Bed Time Children Story For Kids

But as the hot summer approached the marsh began to dry up. In a few days, the marsh got totally dry. So, the frogs decided to leave that place and look out for some other shelter for themselves and reached a deep well. They sat on the edge of the well and peeped inside it. It had a lot of water in it.

One of the frogs got so overjoyed to see the water that it at once said, "This well looks quite a fit place for us to live. It will be cool and safe inside. Let's jump in.

" The other frog was wise enough and replied, "Not so soon, my friend! We left the marsh when it had dried up. So, first think how we shall come out of this well if it gets dry.

The first frog was speechless, as he had realized that one must think before taking any step.

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