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Erdogan says would be 'easier' if EU rejects Turkey bid | Universal Links

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ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday lashed out again in the strategic line with the European Union saying it would be "less demanding" if the EU simply rejected Turkey's offered to join the alliance. 

Turkey and Europe are secured a sharp question after Germany and the Netherlands blocked Turkish pastors from crusading in the neighborhood Turkish people group for a "yes" vote on boosting Erdogan's forces in one month from now's choice. 

"What? On the off chance that a "yes" turns out on April 16, they would not take us into the European Union? Goodness, If no one but they could give this choice! 

They would make our work less demanding," Erdogan said at a rally in the southern city of Antalya. 

Notwithstanding seriously stressed relations with Brussels, no EU pioneer has straightforwardly said a "yes" vote would spell the finish of Turkey's as of now troubled offer to join the coalition. 
In any case, Erdogan told the rally that "April 16 would be a limit," alluding to EU-Turkey relations if the "yes" vote wins. 

"We will put this (EU-Turkey) business on the table since Turkey is nobody's whipping kid," he included, showing that Ankara could reevaluate its association with Brussels. 

What's more, among some European lawmakers, there has been dialog over what the eventual fate of Turkey's participation procedure would be. 

Kati Piri, the European Parliament's Rapporteur for Turkey, composed for Politico Europe not long ago that if a lion's share of voters endorsed the protected changes, "the European Parliament should survey whether the nation's new administration structure meets the EU's Copenhagen promotion criteria". 

In the choice Turks will choose whether to favor sacred changes that would make an official administration and would see the part of head administrator chopped out. 

While the administration contends it is vital for political steadiness and would stay away from delicate coalition governments, faultfinders fear it will prompt one-man run the show. 

Erdogan has over and again blamed European nations including Germany for utilizing "Nazi measures" - remarks that have been censured by the alliance's pioneers. 

"For whatever length of time that you keep on calling me tyrant, I will keep on calling you rightist, Nazi," Erdogan answered. 

Another argumentative issue is capital punishment, which the Turkish president said again Saturday he would favor in the event that it was passed by parliament and conveyed to him. 

"What? In the event that capital punishment is presented for the 249 individuals murdered, Turkey has no place in Europe. Gracious, let it not be!" he stated, alluding to the quantity of individuals executed amid last July's fizzled overthrow. 

Turkey abrogated capital punishment in 2004 as a component of its offer to join the EU. 

In any case, Brussels has over and over clarified that any move to bring it back would scupper Turkey's endeavors to join the coalition.


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