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A Willful Person Ever Suffers - Bed Time Inspirational Story For Kids - Universal Links

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Willful Person Ever Suffers - Bed Time Inspirational Story For Kids

Hi friends! I am once back with an Inspirational Story for Kids. This is a Short Story For Kids. These kinds of bedtime short stories for your child are narrated by our grandparents at bed time so these are known as bed time children stories. Today’s Top story is A Willful Person Ever Suffers. I hope you like this Child story a lot.

Willful Person Ever Suffers - Bed Story For Kids

Once upon a time a man was going with his donkey down a hill-road. He was following the donkey with a stick in his hand. The donkey jogged down carefully over some distance. But then suddenly it left the track and strayed aside. Its owner tried his best to drive it back to the track but the willful beast didn't obey. As a result, it reached the edge of a cliff that overlooked a deep gorge.


A Willful Person Ever Suffers Short Story For Kids

The owner felt worried to see the donkey in danger. He couldn't understand what 
to do. So, he caught hold of it's tail when it was about to leap over the edge of the cliff.

The man tried hard to check the donkey from moving ahead but all went in vain. It didn't move even an inch backwards. So the man let it go saying, "All right, go your way to meet your death. What else can I do?" 

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