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11 Amazing Cool Science Facts For Kids | Science Interesting Fun Facts-Universal Links

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11 Amazing Cool Science Facts For Kids | Science Interesting Fun Facts

Hi friends!  Here is the Top 11 Amazing and Interesting Scientific Facts List. Read them and know the facts.

11 Cool Science Facts For Kids

1. The mortality rate if bitten by a Black Mamba snake is over 95%. 
2. The largest dinosaur ever discovered was Seismosaurus who was over 100 feet long and weighed up to 80 tonnes. 
3. The largest meteorite craters in the world are in Sudbury, Ontario, canada and in Vredefort, South Africa. 
4. The driest inhabited place in the world is Aswan, Egypt where the annual average rainfall is .02    inches.

5. At over 2000 kilometres long The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth. 
6. Every hour the Universe expands by a billion miles in all directions. 
7. Males produce one thousand sperm cells each second – 86 million each day. 
8. Koalas sleep an average of 22 hours a day, two hours more than the sloth. 
9. Quasars emit more energy than 100 giant galaxies. 
10. Each rubber molecule is made of 65,000 individual atoms. 
11. There are more living organisms on the skin of each human than there are humans on the surface of the earth.


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